Spekva worktops from ArtHouse Creative Interiors

The most gorgeous of kitchens are created with clean, flowing lines and solid, strong materials. The range of spectacular Spekva worktops on offer at ArtHouse Creative Interiors brings all this and more to our stylish, functional kitchen designs.

Spekva worktops are crafted from pieces of real, natural hardwood – bringing a warm, rustic and positive feel to every space they’re installed in. Master craftsmen hand-make, glue and hone each solid piece to strict measurements and specifications – checking at least nine times for quality control – guaranteeing a perfect fit in your kitchen. Everyone’s kitchen is unique, and all Spekva worktops offer a unique fit and feel.

We all love the idea of returning to our heritage and gathering with family or friends around a traditional wooden table, and Spekva worktops restore that feeling of returning to one’s roots. At ArtHouse Creative Interiors, we can create a look that’s both modern and classic with wooden pieces by Spekva.

We’re a luxury kitchen design firm committed to finding the solution to meet all your ambitious kitchen requirements. Whether you’ve got a specific vision in mind or need a fresh new idea for a great reception space, let our experienced team craft a room that’s a wonder to spend time in for family and guests alike.

We’ve been creating modern, innovative designs since 2004, and have created breathtaking spaces across the region for a number of clients. If you need top-of-the-range in-built options for a minimalist look, unexpected counter materials to bring your kitchen back to nature, or professional level appliances for the knowledgeable home cook – rely on ArtHouse.

Thinking of a new kitchen that’ll have visitors returning time and again? Talk to the experts at ArtHouse Creative Interiors – the region’s leaders in luxury kitchen design and supply. Count on our range of world-leading appliance brands and eye for spectacular detail to make your vision a reality.  Alternatively, fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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