SieMatic kitchens from ArtHouse Creative Interiors

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal fresh from your SieMatic kitchen, straight to the table. The whole family loves the taste and honest soul of home cooking. And if you have cutting edge, high-quality SieMatic equipment, you can create the best possible dishes.

The SieMatic kitchen design principles of its three style collections URBAN, PURE, and CLASSIC now make it possible to design timelessly elegant living spaces that perfectly reflect the personalities of their owners. The SieMatic kitchen style collection concept is based on current lifestyle and furnishing trends and makes it possible to escape rigid product range structures for more flexible, precise, and careful consideration of the customer’s individual lifestyle.

SieMatic Kitchen Design

A designer kitchen can be more than just stylish. SieMatic’s first-class kitchen design is characterized by timeless shapes, proportions and materials to meet personal needs in both function and aesthetics. Their kitchens integrate perfectly into any architectural style while providing highly flexible equipment – and with a custom design to fit perfectly into your life. Whether spacious or compact; with or without an island; in lacquer, wood, laminate or stainless steel: experience the latest in timelessly elegant SieMatic kitchen design in person in a SieMatic showroom.

We’re pleased to offer quality SieMatic kitchens in the UK, allowing us to give you the same control over – and pride in – your creations as we always have in ours. Every discerning home chef longs to cook in a SieMatic Kitchen – and we’re passionate about providing the best for our clients.

For more information about our premium-quality SieMatic kitchens that incorporate ultra-stylish and innovative appliances contact our knowledgeable team on 01625 581313 or complete the form below.

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