September is always an integral month in the design world, with London Design Festival taking place with events such as; Decorex International and 100% Design taking centre stage showcasing existing and emerging brands. SieMatic also holds their annual Forum during this time in Lohne, Germany, providing information to the international community of kitchen specialists, interior designers and journalists.

The team at ArtHouse were invited to preview the new PURE lifestyle collection. Developed in cooperation with the Berlin architecture and design team KINZO, the concept of the new SieMatic collection for the PURE lifestyle gives minimalist kitchen design completely new contours and a unique character. Lines form into surfaces. Frames create framework for a space to breathe. Cubic objects take shape. Graphical clarity brings furniture and architecture into a perfect balance.

The characteristic feature of the collection is a delicate 2cm frame that surrounds integrated elements like a picture frame. The SieMatic Frame Design creates clear boundaries while at the same time opening up a wide range of design and configuration options. Making kitchens in spacious, open floor plans appear as individual, sculptural elements or like artwork integrated into the surrounding architecture.

Less is more concept. The minimalist design language of the new SieMatic PURE collection includes a range of materials and colours matched with careful consideration to the overall design concept. Attractive white, grey and black hues as well as wood grain finishes that look remarkably natural are perfect for purist design and timeless elegant comfort.

SieMatic is a luxury kitchen furniture brand with a long tradition and has gained a worldwide reputation for timeless elegance and the highest level of functionality. Our kitchen design specialists at ArtHouse are proud to work with such a renowned company and are motivated by their trip to Lohne and have absorbed a lot of information, ideas and inspiration from the Forum to bring back to their luxury showroom in the heart of Alderley Edge, Cheshire.