Miele Appliances From ArtHouse Creative Interiors

At ArtHouse Creative Interiors, we understand the value of quality. A job that’s completed to the highest specification can’t fail to impress. It’s the combination of great design and high-quality items that make our kitchens the most desirable.

At the intersection of style and quality, you get breath-taking, inspiring results. Kitchens that you simply want to spend all your time in. Kitchens you’re desperate to show all your friends and family. We’re always making sure we’re partnered with only the world’s best manufacturers of kitchen appliances, so we can provide our valued customers awe-inspiring results.

We’re excited to work with Miele, a leading name in kitchen appliances that consistently exceed expectations. From ranges to refrigerators, and coffee machines to washing machines. Everything is produced to exacting standards and exhibits incredible performance. Combining heritage with a fresh, modern feel. Reliability and style are at the heart of everything Miele do. Their tagline, “always better”, shows their commitment to making your experience as good as possible.

A Miele standard kitchen is a kitchen that will last a lifetime.  Their commitment to reliability and innovation means every single appliance will change your life. At ArtHouse Creative Interiors, we know style should be built to last. Since 2004 we’ve always strived to ensure that no matter how much personality and class a kitchen has, it remains, first and foremost, a place to live, work, and enjoy your time in. When we work with Miele products, we do so in the confidence that every kitchen we design will satisfy homeowners and their guests for many years if not decades.

For more information about our premium-quality kitchens that incorporate ultra-stylish and innovative Miele appliances contact our knowledgeable team on 01625 581313 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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