Kaelo wine cooler from ArtHouse Creative Interiors

A stylish, attractive kitchen is only used to its full potential when entertaining. The kitchen you desire is a focal point of the home for family, friends and guests to enjoy spending time in – whether it’s a casual afternoon, evening dinner party, or night-time drinks reception.

With the Kaelo wine cooler, you can effectively store wine at the very best temperature with no drips or mess. Just conveniently reach for a perfectly-chilled bottle at any time and pour yourself and your companions a glass. It’s the perfect kitchen addition for any fan of hosting.

The Kaelo wine cooler manages to be both attractive and useful. Its cutting-edge design means the temperature is delicately controlled – whether you invest in the integrated or free-standing options. It’s ready at the touch of a button and keeps a chilled bottle cold without over-cooling and damaging the flavour.

Is the Kaelo Wine Cooler part of your dream kitchen?

If you can see these hand-crafted appliances as part of your dream kitchen, ArtHouse Creative Interiors can make it a reality. We offer a dedication to our clients that involves working closely with them to develop an intimate understanding of their preferences and lifestyles. We represent a wide range of leading appliance manufacturers and installers – so you can get the look you want. Whether it’s a Kaelo wine cooler, Faber extractor, or Sub-Zero refrigerator – it’s all here.

We find exciting and fresh ways to combine practicality with top aesthetics. Our experienced team have created some of the most striking and modern kitchens in the region and are committed to innovation and functionality. If you’re looking for a modern, beautiful kitchen for hosting, cooking and living, we’ll make it.

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