Associate Director

What initially drew you to the field of kitchen interior design?

Transitioning from fashion to kitchen interior design, I was drawn by the opportunity to blend trends with timeless aesthetics in a space that’s central to daily life. I’m excited to make a meaningful impact through design in a space where families gather, and memories are made.

Could you share a memorable project that solidified your love for kitchen design?

A few years ago, I collaborated with a client and their architect to design a kitchen for their contemporary home in North Berwick, Scotland. The goal was to create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas, resulting in a harmonious kitchen space that complements its surroundings.

How do you incorporate your clients’ personal preferences and lifestyle into your designs?

Through detailed consultations, I delve into my clients’ tastes, habits, and needs. Whether it’s a love for cooking, entertaining, or a desire for a minimalist aesthetic, I integrate these aspects into the design process. Considering their daily routines, family dynamics, and individual style, I ensure that each design reflects their unique personality and enhances their lifestyle.

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