Elica cooker hoods from ArtHouse Creative Interiors

The atmosphere of your home is as important as the visual effect it creates. It’s important to make every resident and guest feel comfortable, reassured and satisfied when they’re in your home – and the most welcoming properties focus on all elements to make the surroundings perfect.

With Elica cooker hoods, you can carefully control everything down to the air in your home. Their strikingly-attractive range of appliances are created to be the market’s most efficient and reliable – and you can explore the selection at ArtHouse Creative Interiors.

Elica’s catchphrase is “aria nuova”, or “new air”. It’s what they guarantee with every appliance they provide – the ability to make a room fresh at all times. Elica cooker hoods are purpose-built for effectiveness, quietly drawing air up and away from the cooking area to minimise smells and keep the kitchen smelling clean.

They’re also dedicated to energy-efficiency, meaning that as the cooker hood operates, the environmental impact is kept low.

Stylish & Powerful Elica Cooker Hoods

ArtHouse Creative Interiors offer Elica cooker hoods in many of the most stylish and powerful kitchen designs we provide. We’re a North West-based interiors company specialising in the most high-quality kitchens the market has to offer. Since 2004, we’ve been actively designing and supplying entertaining and catering spaces with flair and personality – not to mention practicality.

By partnering with brands that adhere to only the highest standards of excellence, we provide our clients with finished kitchens that speak to them. We push the envelope in everything we do – consistently innovating to find exciting and fresh new ways to create an aesthetically pleasing space. For kitchens that bring modernity, light and beauty to the home, we’re the place to go.

Turn the heart of your home into a space to show off, with ArtHouse Creative Interiors. Whatever your personal style and preference, get in contact with our experienced design team to get started on your vision. Alternatively, fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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