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  • SieMatic Kitchen Interiors Trend Report 2019

    SieMatic Kitchen Interiors Trend Report 2019

    Negotiating what clients need, value and how they want to communicate this to the world and in their own home will become a designer’s greatest challenge over the coming years. The following trends may seem contradictory; however, it is up to designers to find ways of allowing them to coexist harmoniously. Trends can be contentious, especially in an industry where projects can take years to come

    to fruition. This is why the movement behind the trend is what really matters; the social shifts that explain why change is occurring. As designers, we are expected to be at the forefront of design thinking, and in an era where clients have a constant feed of inspiration and influence, trade professionals need to offer insight that goes above and beyond. SieMatic offers kitchen interior design styles to meet a broad spectrum of evolving lifestyles that ensure the living space is beautiful, functional and timeless. (more…)

  • Neolith

    Neolith – New products on the scene

    We know that we have been posting a lot of images on social media of our stunning new showroom display and now that the worktop material has arrived, it’s time to talk about it!

    At the forefront of exploring new products, our showroom is the first the UK to display the award winning Neolith- Nero Marquina.  This is their answer to a timeless monochromatic trend that transcends interior design, fashion and architecture, this décor is an indispensable part of these introductions. Inspired by marble from Spain, Nero Maquina is a testament to the technical expertise present at Neolith. To achieve bright white veining on a pure black backdrop is a task testing enough on paper, but for a slab, a new technical avenue is entered. For this challenge, the supplier has developed an exclusive technique to achieve the stark contrast and distinctive fine lines that you can see on our display.


  • designer maker user

    Designer Maker User – Exhibition Review

    London is always full of wonderful exhibitions and events, and recently on a trip to the city, I wanted to visit the new Design Museum which has relocated to Kensington High Street. After visiting the previous location near Tower Bridge a number of times, I was excited to see the new architecture and interior of the new building.


  • SieMatic Forum 2017

    September is always an integral month in the design world, with London Design Festival taking place with events such as; Decorex International and 100% Design taking centre stage showcasing existing and emerging brands. SieMatic also holds their annual Forum during this time in Lohne, Germany, providing information to the international community of kitchen specialists, interior designers and journalists.

    The team at ArtHouse were invited to preview the new PURE lifestyle collection. Developed in cooperation with the Berlin architecture and design team KINZO, the concept of the new SieMatic collection for the PURE lifestyle gives minimalist kitchen design completely new contours and a unique character. Lines form into surfaces. Frames create framework for a space to breathe. Cubic objects take shape. Graphical clarity brings furniture and architecture into a perfect balance. (more…)